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Mortgage Applications go Digital to Become Faster

By liveweb
March 30, 2020

Simplicity Global Solutions and liveweb.io announce a strategic marketing partnership to integrate and include instant live video calling with screen and document sharing for Brokers, Borrowers, and Solicitors directly in the Simplicity Global platform. The unique new service directly integrates liveweb.io High-Def secure video meetings, global toll-free stereo inbound voice calling, screen and document sharing, with chat, messaging into Simplicity Global Solutions’ intuitive, secure and private cloud-based platform. The new integrated solution is designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare and process a mortgage application – from what is traditionally a multi-week process down to days, and eventually minutes.

“Our clients are looking to deliver an exceptional customer experience, all while the demands and productivity at the Broker level are increasing. When we apply real-time voice, HD video, chat and calendaring to the platform, Simplicity now shifts the mortgage transaction to an enriched experience between the broker and borrower while productivity moves in real-time at conversational speed. The end result – a faster mortgage approval and premium customer experience. Simplicity’s overall vision is to become the trusted resource in connecting and enabling effortless finance experiences and Liveweb.io plays a role for us in achieving that objective” Neil N. Babiy, President Simplicity Global Solutions

“The majority of mortgage applicants today are a generation that communicates via chat and expects a call to include live video. liveweb.io is excited to partner with an innovative leader like Simplicity Global Solutions working toward reducing the mortgage applications process from weeks to hours, to accelerate a significant driver of the Canadian economy and streamline a major financial event in Canadian’s lives.”
Trent Johnsen, CEO, liveweb.io

About Simplicity Global Solutions

The company, Calgary based and privately owned, has developed an innovative and secure cloud-based platform that dramatically reduces the time it takes stakeholders (Borrowers, Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Solicitors) to prepare and process a mortgage application – from what is a traditionally multi-week process, to days and eventually minutes. The Simplicity Platform is composed of three (3) main cloud-based components: (1) Intake Form, (2) Simplicity Mortgage and (3) Simplicity Legal. Visit http://www.simplicity.global for more information

About liveweb:

Complete business communications integrated directly into any website in minutes. liveweb.io connects businesses and their customers with instant Hi-Def video meetings, global toll-free stereo voice calling, calendar/booking, messaging, and more without the hassle of third-party vendors, downloads, plugins, directories or Apps. Visit for more information.

Media Contacts:

Neil Babiy
(c) 587 899 1147

Trent Johnsen

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