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Front App Integration Press Release

By liveweb
October 8, 2020

liveweb + Front – 

The world’s most powerful Customer Experience Platform.

CALGARY, AB, Canada, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — liveweb Inc., a leading provider of multichannel communications tools for managing online customer experiences,      announces the integration of liveweb with Front (FrontApp.com) – “the customer communication platform that combines emails, apps, and teammates into a single view”. 

This unique, new combination of team email with real-time business communications provides a powerful new way for businesses to deliver unexpectedly human customer experiences – with the right channel at the right time. 

Phone calls, at 68% and email, at 47% are customer’s preferred, and the most highly utilized business communications channels. For the first time ever, this new liveweb + Front integration combines email with live voice and video call connections directly with website visitors and customers. This is efficient for businesses, eliminating the friction of switching between phone and email channels to provide seamless customer experiences directly via the business website. 

The new liveweb + Front integration powers the world’s first business communications platform where secure, live, business communications combine with the efficiency of team email. Features include: 

  • Global, high fidelity, toll-free voice connections with one click at business websites
  • Instant, secure, High Definition Video calls and meetings (no downloads, plugins, or redirects required)
  • Screen sharing, document sharing, and collaboration tools for virtual meetings
  • Calendar booking for prescheduled calls and meetings at websites
  • “livelink” for instant live voice and video call connections in live chat for Intercom, Drift, and other web chat services.    

Businesses can now experience all the benefits of Front (effortless internal communications, meaningful customer service) with the added power of liveweb (the right channel at the right time) and engage with customers over chat, voice, video calls, screen sharing, and more – all within Front. It’s the unexpectedly human customer experiences.

According to Gartner, customer experience is today’s most critical competitive advantage. Businesses of all sizes and industries are striving to provide a unified support experience for customers across all channels.

  • 100% of CEOs/Presidents believe their companies would achieve greater cost savings and effectiveness through consolidation of communications platforms. – Forbes Insights Global Survey 2020 
  • 78% of customers report receiving a fragmented experience as they move from channel-to-channel.  – Accenture 

About liveweb: liveweb gives businesses the customer experience edge they need to win in the market. One tool. One click. Extraordinary results. 

liveweb is currently accepting requests for early access. Learn more at liveweb.io or Front Integrations.

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