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Letter from the Founder

By liveweb
October 19, 2020

liveweb + Front: Your customer experience secret weapon 

The numbers are a call to action.

86% of consumers prefer to interact with a human for service, sales, and support. At brick-and-mortar stores, customers expect immediate attention, problem resolution, and answers to their questions. And Gartner notes that 89% of companies now compete primarily on customer experience. But at company and brand websites, the consumer experience rarely meets the challenge these numbers pose. 

It’s remarkable how much money brands spend (by the end of 2023, digital ad spend is expected to grow to $517 billion) to drive traffic to their websites and how readily they turn over service and conversion tasks to chatbots, forms, or 800 numbers with endless menus and wait times. There’s a huge market inefficiency there and brands that look at the consumer experience on their sites and decide, finally, to high-grade it, will have a major competitive advantage.

Macro-trends suggest it’s inevitable. Digital business transformation is accelerating. The ability to connect directly for voice and video calling is now built directly into your web browser; that’s 4 billion+ major desktop and mobile browsers. Millennials, GenX, and GenY were already video-centric communicators, the pandemic has just dramatically accelerated global adoption of video calls, screen sharing, virtual meetings, distributed teams, and work-from-anywhere arrangements. 

The stakes for brands are high – if you don’t have time to take care of your customers, you’ll lose them. Or you’ll never land them in the first place.

That’s why we created liveweb. 

What is liveweb? 

liveweb enables you to deliver “live” customer experience directly from your website, today’s major place of business. Literally meet and collaborate live with customers and website visitors with instant, secure, live voice calls, messaging, video calls, and screen sharing built into your own website and integrated with your workflow stack. Host your customers and website visitors with exceptional, industry-leading, concierge-style customer experience using voice and video calls, messaging, and screen and document sharing.

All your customers have to do is click a button to connect with your team; no downloads, plugins, or 3rd party video conference complexity. The power of live, human contact for service, support, and sales – which is overwhelmingly how customers want to engage with your brand.

liveweb is now integrated with Front (the world’s best team email)

When we considered where liveweb could help drive the most customer experience value, integrating with Front was an obvious choice. Customer preference for phone calls (at 68%) and email (at 47%) as preferred channels for business communications are clear (Zendesk survey 2019). Front already leverages the power of efficient, centralized customer communications. With the liveweb integration, you can add live voice, video, chat, and screen sharing functionality. Customers can contact your brand through your website using their preferred communication channels as you manage the customer journey, keeping all of your inbound communications centralized within Front. There’s a seamless transfer between team members with the full customer history visible at all times. A uniquely powerful customer experience platform. Learn more about integrating liveweb with Front here

Make customer experience your competitive advantage with liveweb and Front

If you want to learn more about liveweb, our incredible team, or how the Front integration can help you upgrade your customer experience and streamline delivery costs, I’d be happy to walk you through it. Please reach out anytime, I’ll look forward to meeting you, “live”! 


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