89% of businesses are competing on customer experience. But most of them are doing it badly.

Here’s the deal. Customers have no interest in arguing with chatbots who don’t understand them or getting lost in the endless voice menus at your 800 number. They want a human to help them. Right when they need help. liveweb totally changes the game for your customer support experience – and your bottom line.

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of consumers prefer to interact with a human agent
of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience
of consumers say customer experience is a key factor in purchasing decisions

Customer communications at websites?
They’re stuck in the 20th century.
Or they were until we created liveweb.

If you're looking to elevate your customer support offering, liveweb is your secret weapon. It’s the world’s first website-based, all-in-one customer support tool. Provide first-class concierge support for your customers with instant, secure, live voice calling, chat, video calls, and screen sharing. It’s all right there on your website.

The old way

The liveweb way

The old way

A customer at your website needs to speak with you. They have to find and dial a phone number, "changing channels" and the process, breaking the customer journey and web analytics.


The liveweb way

Instantly connect with your customers at your website with secure, toll-free, high-fidelity voice calls from anywhere in the world.

The old way

Customers often suffer through time-consuming, frustrating conversations with chatbots that can’t understand or solve their problems - ironically the typical objective of chat is to capture contact information to talk to customers.


The liveweb way

Customers get real-time human connections with your team that lead to quicker issue resolutions, higher customer satisfaction ratings, and increased sales conversions.

The old way

In order to do video calls with your customers, you have to send them off your website to use often-confusing third-party tools built for web conferencing that require downloads and plugins creating privacy and security concerns.


The liveweb way

Instantly connect with your customers with secure HD video calls with screen and document sharing hosted directly at your own website.

The old way

Frustrating customer experience. More work for your team just to deliver mediocre experience, leading to damage to your brand.


The liveweb way

Seamless, secure, customer-centric communications that help you satisfy and retain customers with less effort and cost.

We love our customers.
And our customers love liveweb.

liveweb will increase our speed-to-lead; we need this

liveweb provides us a single channel and tool for voice, video, chat, and screen share – directly from the customer’s website to a contact center agent

liveweb enables mortgage applications to move in real-time at conversational speed

liveweb will save contractors hours daily not having to travel to meetings

Set up liveweb in minutes, deliver premium
customer support experiences forever.

Install liveweb on your website

Step-by-step onboarding, setup, and design gets liveweb running in minutes. Not ready to replace your existing chat app? We’ve got you covered. Liveweb plays nice with your other apps and can even run silently in the background until you need it.

Add your team members to your liveweb console

You can invite anyone on your team to deliver service to your customers with any mix of messaging, phone, video calling, and screen sharing you choose. In fact, you can probably ditch your customer contact form at this point. It’s officially outdated.

Deliver an experience your customers will rave about

You can deliver service, resolve issues, answer questions, demo a product, and other stuff to amaze your customers. The best part for them? It’s 100% human. Which is 100% more human than chatbots – for those of you keeping score at home.

Why spend a ton of marketing money getting prospects and customers to your website just to annoy them with a terrible experience? It’s a question we think about a lot.

Boost first contact resolution rates

Customer satisfaction drops 15% for every additional contact beyond the first. So get it done in one with real-time, face-to-face support through liveweb. Product malfunction? They can show you on video. Technical issues? They can screen share. Need an expert? You can transfer to another agent in a flash. Customers win. So you win. It’s a lot of winning, admittedly.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Give your customers easy access to hassle-free support. No more searching for 1-800 numbers, navigating IVR systems, or submitting form requests. With liveweb, they can connect to your team in seconds. Let’s face it: it’s what the people want. And as we all know, you’ve got to give the people what they want.

Change nothing about your existing workflow and stack

You know how some new products require you to abandon the way you do things or the tech stack you’ve already set up in your business? liveweb is not one of those products. We’ve designed liveweb to add value to your existing workflows, whatever they are. As a wise man once said, 1+1=3. Which isn’t good math. But it is good for your business.

Enhance your call center service while reducing carrier voice costs

liveweb transforms your call or contact center into an efficient, omnichannel communication hub where customers and agents choose how they want to interact – chat, voice, or video. Use liveweb to enable inbound, wideband stereo voice services directly from any website to any agent (work from anywhere, remote) globally. Eliminate the cost and complexity of everything from telephone number management, to SIP trunking, to PSTN carrier’s voice networks and bills by simply installing liveweb’s Communications User Interface on any website. (We know this is a pretty long paragraph, but we had a lot to say about how we can help optimize call centers).

This is the part of our website where we tell you that both you and your customers will love liveweb and you should really try it.

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liveweb + Front –
the world’s most powerful customer platform.

Front is the customer communication platform that combines emails, apps, and teammates into a single view. With Front, it’s simple for every person in your company to have an impact on the customer experience. Now you can experience all the benefits of Front – effortless internal communications, meaningful customer service – with the added power of liveweb. Engage in chat, voice, video calls, screen sharing, and more – all within Front, and deliver an unexpectedly human customer experience.

Ready to try liveweb in Front?

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